Better results faster

B2B buying has changed and is rapidly forcing selling to transform.

Customers today are looking for suppliers who can help accelerate their business. According to studies, as much as 55% of customers expect salespersons calling on them to be able to communicate how their products and services can help the customer reach their desired business results. Of these, only a stunning 16% say this is happening today.

This puts huge pressure on sellers to improve the way they do business and partner with their customers to create value. No wonder our study shows that sales leaders are going to put a lot more effort into recruitment going forward – you cannot look for tomorrow’s sales people through yesterday’s lenses.

Add to this the fact that the time people spend with one employer is decreasing rapidly, and the pressure on the sales leaders to get new people up to speed faster increases rapidly. Remarkably, in this evolution the standard sales recruitment process has not gone through one single major overhaul in decades.

Until now.


Joel Falcken

Joel has a 25–year experience in sales and sales leadership, as well as sales development. He has worked as country manager leading a sales team and also as global key account manager for multinational customers. Joel brings a totally new angle to sales recruitment, leading to the best possible results for our customers.

Carolus Adolfsson

Carolus has a long leadership background. His previous employer was PEAB, where Carolus held the position of VP Administration & Personnel and Deputy CEO. Carolus has built and implemented leadership and HR systems, and performed hundreds of challenging recruitments of all levels. To Bigpeople and our customers Carolus brings a strong recruitment experience and process expertise.

Panu Muhonen

Panu has strong experience of selling products, solutions and services –as well as leading and developing sales. He has led sales transformations, going from product argumentation through solution selling all the way to value based selling, including several recruitments of key sales people and leaders. To our customers Panu brings understanding and insights especially around resourcing and development within sales.

Our way to do sales recruiting.

Bigpeople takes a totally new approach to recruiting sales people and sales leaders. First, we bring new tools and competencies to the specification phase in the beginning. This gives you a specification containing more observable behaviors and less subjective qualities of the desired candidates. Based on this we write the job ad, which leads to a stronger pool of candidates. Third, our assessment tool from GrowthPlay helps us gain valuable insights on each candidate's sales strengths, motivations and role fit. Finally, our interview follows a new concept, that draws out the actual behaviors of the person being interviewed.

Together, a stronger candidate pool and our unique interview methodology will give you a new hire who reaches results faster, better and with higher customer satisfaction. 

We call this #TTR - Time To Results.

Feel free to reach out to us also if you are planning to put a sales team on the ground in Finland or the Nordics.

Our customers also turn to us for Sales Development, Leadership Development, Strategy Execution and Business Acumen Development.

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